『The xx/I See You』


〈Young Turks〉からThe XXの3rd。
“Brave For You”荒ぶる社会に勇気と愛を。


1. "Dangerous"
2. "Say Something Loving"
3. "Lips"
4. "A Violent Noise"
5. "Performance"
6. "Replica"
7. "Brave For You"
8. "On Hold"
9. "I Dare You"
10. "Test Me"
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『Johannes Malfatti/Surge』


〈Glacial Movements Records〉からChlorgeschlechtのメンバーとしても活躍するJohannes Malfattiのソロ1st。
波、海、ざわめきのSonic landscapes。


1. "Surge"
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〈4AD〉からSOHN(Christopher Michael Taylor)の2nd。


1. "Hard Liquor"
2. "Conrad"
3. "Signal"
4. "Dead Wrong"
5. "Primary"
6. "Rennen"
7. "Falling"
8. "Proof"
9. "Still Waters"
10. "Harbour"
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『FUUK/Natural Roller Coaster』


耽美で激しいAbstract Beat/Electronica。


1. Factory95
2. No Punch Line
3. Foot Life Ago
4. Water Cherry
5. Timeline
6. There Is No That
7. Bad Type Of...
8. Handed
9. Noon Dark
10. Wine Lion Is Peace
11. Invisible Man
12. Broke Normally
13. Foliage
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『The Boats/We Made It For You』


「We Made It For You=あなたのために作った音楽」

〈p*dis〉から2005年にリリースされたThe Boatsの2nd『We Made It For You』のリマスター再発盤。


1. Jumble
2. Sarah Alice
3. Mum And Dad
4. Miles, Sean And Bodie
5. Andrew And Lynsey
6. Donna, Paul And Grace
7. Nicola H
8. Annabel
9. Darren
10. Chris, Elaine And Lucy
11. Bob, Ben And Kipper
12. Bobbin
13. Jonathan And Rob
14. Nicola
15. Danny Norbury *ボーナストラック
16. Sarah Alice (Early) *ボーナストラック
17. Shlom, Sonia And Coner *ボーナストラック
18. We Made It For You (Live Dortmund 14/09/2006) *ボーナストラック
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『James Tillman/Silk Noise Reflex』


〈Rip Curl Recordings〉からJames Tillmanの1st。
FolkyなNeo Soulの傑作。2014年にリリースした『Shangri La EP』を追加。


01. Intrinsic Infinite
02. Ms. Urbane
03. Ms. Malaise
04. Human Behavior
05. Self Portrait of a New Yorker
06. Tabloid Theory
07. Rat Race
08. Death of a Star
09. Casual Encounters
10. Missed Encounters
11. Love Within
12. And Then
13. Loved
14. Shangri La
15. And Then (Single Version)

Track 11〜14 taken from “Shangri La EP”
Track 15 taken from “And Then”
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『Alejandro Franov/Suspendido En El Aire』


〈Spekk〉からAlejandro Franovの2016年作品。


1 Ultima A 10:20
2 Relato Completo (Desigualdad) 18:00
3 La Llegada De Dios 10:24
4 Procesion 8:00
5 Ballenas 11:30
6 Integracion 9:04
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『Demdike Stare/Wonderland』



〈Modern Love〉からDemdike Stareの2016年作品。
HardでNoiseでJungleなModern Techno史上屈指のExperimental。
入手困難な12"シリーズ"Testpressing #001-#007"(2013〜2015)を収録したCD3枚組。


1-1 Curzon 5:22
1-2 Animal Style 7:09
1-3 Hardnoise 10:37
1-4 Blue 0:58
1-5 FullEdge (eMpTy-40 Mix) 5:29
1-6 Sourcer 5:29
1-7 Airborne Latency 7:03
1-8 Fridge Challenge 3:29
1-9 Overstaying 5:45
Testpressings #001-003
2-1 Collision 8:13
2-2 Misappropriation 7:56
2-3 Grows Without Bound 6:22
2-4 Primitive Equations 8:28
2-5 Eulogy 7:09
2-6 Dyslogy 10:26
Testpressings #004-007
3-1 Fail 8:21
3-2 Null Results 7:46
3-3 Procrastination 6:42
3-4 Past Majesty 5:49
3-5 40 Years Under The Cosh 6:10
3-6 Frontin' 6:10
3-7 Rathe 6:27
3-8 Patchwork 6:41
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Hiroshi Watanabe、A. Mochi、Gonno、DJ Sodeyama、agraph、Towa Tei、Sugiurumn、砂原良徳らが参加。


1. Dawn(Der Dritte Raum Remix)
2. Selene(Hiroshi Watanabe Remix)
3. Lunatique(WESTBAM Remix)
4. Amazones (A. Mochi Remix)
5. Die Boten Vom Mond(GONNO Remix)
6. Crescent Moon(DJ SODEYAMA Remix)
7. Fana-Tekk (agraph Remix)
8. Lunar Kick(SUGIURUMN Remix)
9. Fetish(Yoshinori Sunahara Remix)
10. Rapt In Fantasy(TOWA TEI Remix)
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『Hakobune/2007-2015 box』

「濃密なアンビエント音楽が醸し出す豊穣な「時間」が、この箱には慎ましく、そして深く息づいている。」- デンシノオト



2007-2008 / hakobune
the straight road *sense of place (u-cover records)
pastoral 463 *sense of place (u-cover records)
waiting offshore *sense of place (u-cover records)
the july skies followed us here *wandering toward what was unsaid (u-cover records)
and the sunlight transcends *wandering toward what was unsaid (u-cover records)
realization at dusk *wandering toward what was unsaid (u-cover records)
melting reminiscence *melting reminiscence (waterscape records)
yukidaruma *melting reminiscence (waterscape records)
fleeting reference *we left the window open sometimes (symbolic interaction)
nullity and rumination *we left the window open sometimes (symbolic interaction)
sothis *split with david tagg (install)

2009-2010 / hakobune
mats of dead grass *a yearlong thought (install)
late autumn *isohel (hibernate recordings)
a yearlong thought *a yearlong thought (install)
late spring *isohel (hibernate recordings)
a thousand delicate accidents *split with richard lainhart (tobira records)
fading recognition *a yearlong thought (install)

2011 / hakobune
i discover i'm missing *i discover i'm missing (apollolaan recordings)
halfpace *words left behind on ashes (cassauna)
secondhand sunlight *shadows on the lawn (organic industries)
disappearing in the purple shades *i discover i'm missing (apollolaan recordings)
away from the lunar waters *away from the lunar waters (hibernate recordings)
afterglow *truth serum compilation (i, absentee)
shadow on the lawn *shadow on the lawn (organic industries)
between equinox *i discover i'm missing (apollolaan recordings)
the idea of full disclosure *words left behind on ashes (cassauna)
unending route *heath grass (still sleep)
off in the distance *november light (bridgetown records)

2012 winter / hakobune
sakubaku *recalling your ghostly thoughts (full of nothing)
all the other hearts i knew part 1 *all the other hearts i knew (rural colours)
aerodrome *apparitions just outside the view (ginjoha)
a distant loss part 1 *a distant loss (dark era tapes)
all the other hearts i knew part 2 *all the other hearts i knew (rural colours)
cloak of gray *cloak of gray (fadeaway tapes)
moon-drawn 2 *apparitions just outside the view (ginjoha)
white night *while shadows sweep across the lawn (somehow recordings)

2012-2013 / hakobune
mizunara *looping around the forest i thought i remembered (constellation tatsu)
whispering in their presence *whispering In Their Presence (sunshine ltd.)
part 3 *nebulous sequences (voxxov records)
recalling my insubstantial thoughts *recalling my insubstantial thoughts (tobira records)
letter forgotten *the cowboy across the river (constellation tatsu)
until you wake up in the morning *the still life of reverie (fabrica records)
This Wasn't What I Thought *the cowboy across the river (constellation tatsu)
kusunoki *looping around the forest i thought i remembered (constellation tatsu)
part 10 *nebulous sequences (voxxov records)

2014-2015 / hakobune
rapids *love knows where (constellation tatsu)
a fluid photograph part 2 *a fluid photograph (fallow records)
all my regret for nothing remembered part 1 *all my regret for nothing remembered (warm drone label)
sinking stars part 1 *sinking stars (beer on the rug)
nagasaki *mizukagami (sacred phrases)
all my regret for nothing remembered part 2 *all my regret for nothing remembered (warm drone label)
sinking stars part 4 *sinking stars (beer on the rug)
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『Cluster/Kollektion 06 - 1971-1981 Compiled By John McEntire』


〈Bureau B〉よりClusterの音源をTortoiseやThe Sea and CakeのJohn McEntireがセレクト&コンパイル。


1. "Zum Wohl"
2. "Hollywood"
3. "The Shade"
4. "Fur Die Katz"
5. "Grosses Wasser" (edit)
6. "Oh Odessa"
7. "21 32" (edit)
8. "Es War Einmal"
9. "Wehrmut"
10. "Heisse Lippe"
11. "In Ewigkeit" (edit)
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『Brian Eno/Reflection』



〈Warp Records〉からBrian Enoの2017年作品。


1. "Reflection"
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『Yann Novak/Ornamentation』


〈Touch〉からYann Novakの2016年作品。
音は飾る。Modular SynthesizerとField RecordingsによるSoundscapes/Drone Ambient。


1. "Ornamentation" (live)
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『Licht-Akiyama Trios/Tomorrow Outside Tomorrow』


〈Editions Mego〉からLicht-Akiyama Trios(Tetuzi Akiyama,Alan Licht)の1st。
"Blues Deceiver"にOren Ambarchiが"Tomorrow Outside Tomorrow"にはRob Mazurekがそれぞれ参加した異色のFree Improvisation。ただぼんやりとした不安がそこにはある。


1 Blues Deceiver Guitar – 20:42
2 Tomorrow Outside Tomorrow Cornet – Rob Mazurek 18:51
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〈The Nothing Special〉からJazzy Techstepの達人、CalibreがExperimentalな作風にチャレンジした意欲作。Future Bass/Dub/Deep House。


1. "Sand Promise"
2. "Groove Seeker"
3. "Softly Softly"
4. "Thunder Fog"
5. "Over The Top"
6. "Limbo"
7. "Mention"
8. "Without You"
9. "Your Endless Sea"
10. "Rust"
11. "A River Alone"
12. "Stars We Can See"
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『Kimyan Law/Zawadi』


〈Blu Mar Ten〉からKimyan Lawの2nd。
アフリカン・ミュージックをDrum&Bassに見事に落としこんだExperimental Music。


1 Sakania
2 Magic Featuring – Clara Luzia
3 Yore Dub
4 Mondegreen Featuring – Phentix
5 Aia
6 Luba
7 Citadelle Featuring – MOTSA
8 Komorebi
9 September Featuring – May, Robot Koch
10 Lavender
11 White Moth Anthem
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『Kenny Wellington/Free Spirit』


Beggar & Co.やLight Of The WorldのTrumpeter、Kenny Wellingtonの2nd。
自由なる魂。小粋なJazz Funk/Soul。


1. "Heading Home"
2. "Free Spirit"
3. "Dreaming Of Futures Bright"
4. "Kings For A Day, Masters Of The Night"
5. "Fat Cherry"
6. "Manic Monday, Magis Sunday"
7. "The Cat In The Hat"
8. "E3 Symphony"
9. "You Can Run (But You Sure Can't Hide)"
10. "ReBop"
11. "Heading Home Reprise"
12. "Miles 2 Go"
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