『Bing & Ruth/No Home Of The Mind』


〈4AD〉からDavid Moore率いるミニマル音楽集団、Bing & Ruthの4th。
美しく溶けていくMinimal Ambient。


1 Starwood Choker
2 As Much As Possible
3 Scrapes
4 Chonchos
5 The How Of It Sped
6 Is Drop
7 Form Takes
8 To All It
9 Flat Line / Peak Color
10 What Ash It Flow Up
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『Charles Hayward / Gigi Masin/Les Nouvelles Musiques De Chambre Vol 2 Sub Rosa』


1989年に〈Sub Rosa〉からリリースされたCharles HaywardとGigi Masinによるスプリット盤。
Björkの「It's In Our Hands」、To Rococo Rotの「Die Dinge Des Lebens」、そしてNujabesの「Latitude」の元ネタとしても有名な"Clouds"を含むレア盤待望の初CD化。


1. Gigi Masin - "Waterland"
2. Gigi Masin - "Clouds"
3. Gigi Masin - "La Giara Di Gesturi"
4. Gigi Masin - "Three Bridges"
5. Gigi Masin - "The Song Of The Masked Man"
6. Gigi Masin - "Underwords"
7. Gigi Masin - "First Time Ruth Saw The Sea"
8. Gigi Masin - "Goodbye Kisses"
9. Charles Hayward - "Thames Water Authority"
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『Tobias Hellkvist/Vesterhavet (Extended)』


〈Home Normal〉からTobias Hellkvistの6th。
深く揺らぐDrone Ambient。


1. "Vesterhavet 1"
2. "Vesterhavet 2"
3. "Vesterhavet 3"
4. "Vesterhavet 4"
5. "Vesterhavet 5"
6. "Vesterhavet 6"
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『Tobias Hellkvist/Kaskelot: Reissue + Remixes』


〈Home Normal〉よりTobias Hellkvistが2011年にリリースした『Kaskelot』にRemix曲を追加して再発。
Segue、Porya Hatami、Chihei Hatakeyama、Off The Sky、Chris HerbertらがRemixを提供。


1. "Kaskelot 1"
2. "Kaskelot 2"
3. "Kaskelot 3"
4. "Kaskelot 4"
5. "Kaskelot" (Segue remix)
6. "Kaskelot" (Steve Pacheco remix)
7. "Kaskelot" (Simon Bainton remix)
8. "Kaskelot" (Porya Hatami remix)
9. "Kaskelot" (Chihei Hatakeyama remix)
10. "Kaskelot" (Offthesky remix)
11. "Kaskelot" (Chris Herbert remix)
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『Banabila & Machinefabriek/Macrocosms』


〈Tapu Records〉からMichel BanabilaとMachinefabriekによる4作目のコラボレーション。
Field Recordingと楽器のコンビネーション。多くの音で構成されたExperimental Ambient。


1. "Kaleidoscope"
2. "Stokjes"
3. "Upwards"
4. "Awake"
5. "Macrocosms"
6. "Prey"
7. "Turmoil"
8. "Oxide"
9. "Echo Chamber"
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『Earthen Sea/An Act of Love』


〈Kranky〉からEarthen Sea(Jacob Long)の2017年作品。
愛の行為、愛ある音楽。Dub Techno/Ambient。


1. "The Present Mist"
2. "About That Time"
3. "Delicately In The Sunlight"
4. "Apparent Lushness"
5. "Exuberant Burning"
6. "Above The Clouds"
7. "The Flats, 1975"
8. "Also An Act Of Love"
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〈Time Released Sound〉からK'an(Paolo Bellipanni)の2nd。


1 Alphabet
2 Confusion Of Tongues
3 Inversion Of Mouth I
4 Labial
5 Womb Is A Perfect Place To Conspire
6 Immure
7 Inversion Of Mouth II
8 Her Fractals
9 Once Was Spoken
10 The Body
11 Vessel, Phoneme
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『Laraaji/Celestial Vibration』


〈Soul Jazz Records〉からLaraajiが1978年にリリースした1stが再発。
奇跡の桃源郷。Psychedelic Ambientの名作。


1. "All Pervading"
2. "Bethlehem"
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〈Emika Records〉からEmikaが2nd『Dva』でも共演したソプラノ歌手、Michaela SrumovaとThe Prague Metropolitan Orchestra(指揮・Paul Batson)とともに制作したコラボ・プロジェクト。Kickstarterを利用したキャンペーン作品。


How To Make A Symphony

1. "Grief" (Prelude)
2. "The Miracle"
3. "Letting Go"
4. "Love"
5. "Destiny"
6. "Finally Free" (Coda)
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『Max Richter/Three Worlds: Music From Woolf Works』



Virginia Woolfの作品(Mrs. Dalloway、Orlando、The Waves)を基にロイヤル・バレエの専任振付師、Wayne McGregorが創作したバレエ・プロダクション「Woolf Works」のためにMax Richterが制作したスコア。


1. "Words" (Mrs Dalloway)
2. "In The Garden"
3. "War Anthem"
4. "Meeting Again"
5. "Memory Is The Seamstress" (Orlando)
6. "Modular Astronomy"
7. "Entropy"
8. "Transformation"
9. "Morphology"
10. "The Tyranny Of Symmetry"
11. "The Explorers"
12. "Presistence Of Images"
13. "Genesis Of Poetry"
14. "Possibles"
15. "Love Songs"
16. "Tuesday" (The Waves)
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『Minor Victories/Orchestral Variations』


〈Play It Again Sam [PIAS]〉からMinor Victoriesの1st『Minor Victories』のOrchestra Version。


1. "Cogs"
2. "Breaking My Light"
3. "The Thief"
4. "Give Up The Ghost"
5. "Scattered Ashes"
6. "Folk Arp"
7. "For You Always"
8. "A Hundred Ropes"
9. "Higher Hopes"
10. "Out To Sea"
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『Pete Tong With The Heritage Orchestra Conducted By Jules Buckley/Classic House』


Pete Tongが構成した「Classic House」のセットをJules Buckleyの指揮でThe Heritage Orchestraが演奏するプロジェクト。
"Right Here, Right Now"、"Children"、"Go"、"Good Life"、"Belfast"、"Insomnia"、Strings Of Life/Knights Of The JaguarなどHouseの名曲を最高のClassical Styleで。


1. "Right Here, Right Now"
2. "Pjanoo"
3. "Lola's Theme" (feat Cookie)
4. "Children"
5. "9pm (Till I Come)"
6. "Go"
7. "Your Love" (feat Jamie Principle)
8. "Good Life" (feat Katy B)
9. "Belfast"
10. "Smokebelch II"
11. "Where Love Lives"
12. "Rachel's Song"
13. "Porcelain"
14. "Waiting All Night" (feat Ella Eyre)
15. "Insomnia"
16. "Medley: Strings Of Life/Knights Of The Jaguar/Nightmare/Cafe Del Mar"
17. "Feel The Love" (feat John Newman)
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『Marconi Union/Tokyo+』


2009年にリリースしたMarconi Union(James Crossley, Richard Talbot, Duncan Meadows)の4th『Tokyo』が新作EP『+』を追加収録して再発。近未来的なHi-Tech Ambience。


1. "Ginza District"
2. "Lost In Neon"
3. "Nightworker"
4. "Hatsunori"
5. "Red Line 12am"
6. "Akihabara (Electronic Town)"
7. "Temperature Drop"

1. "Temperature Drop +"
2. "Akihabara (Electronic Town) +"
3. "Ginza District +"
4. "Red Line 12am +"
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『Ulrich Schnauss & Jonas Munk/Passage』


〈Azure Vista Records〉からUlrich SchnaussとJonas Munk(Manual)によるコラボ作品の第2弾。
何処でもない場所への通り道。Shoegaze Ambientの傑作。


1. "Amaris"
2. "Genau Wie Damals"
3. "Anywhere But Here"
4. "Intervention: Sol"
5. "MST"
6. "Ao Hinode"
7. "Spellbreaker"
8. "Intervention: Stjerner"
9. "Caffeine Blues"
10. "Intervention: Mane"
11. "Coastal Path"
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『William Basinski/A Shadow In Time』


〈Temporary Residence〉からWilliam Basinskiの2017年作品。
David Bowie(David Robert Jones)に捧げたTribute作品"For David Robert Jones"を収録。


1. "For David Robert Jones"
2. "A Shadow In Time"
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『Opollo/Stone Tapes』


Polandの〈New Nihilism〉からOpollo(Jarek Leskiewicz)の1st。


1. "Warning Beacon"
2. "Can You Hear Me"
3. "A White Oval"
4. "Eruption"
5. "Rising"
6. "Hour One"
7. "Suspended"
8. "Aelita"
9. "Starburst"
10. "Stone Tape"
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1. Velius
2. Cullin Hill
3. Nine Black Alps
4. Homero Hymnus
5. West Orange
6. Two Mark
7. Samsara
8. Light House
9. Suns That Circling Go
10. Getting Through
11. Clementine
12. Buldir
13. Luek
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『Johannes Malfatti/Surge』


〈Glacial Movements Records〉からChlorgeschlechtのメンバーとしても活躍するJohannes Malfattiのソロ1st。
波、海、ざわめきのSonic landscapes。


1. "Surge"
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『Hakobune/2007-2015 box』

「濃密なアンビエント音楽が醸し出す豊穣な「時間」が、この箱には慎ましく、そして深く息づいている。」- デンシノオト



2007-2008 / hakobune
the straight road *sense of place (u-cover records)
pastoral 463 *sense of place (u-cover records)
waiting offshore *sense of place (u-cover records)
the july skies followed us here *wandering toward what was unsaid (u-cover records)
and the sunlight transcends *wandering toward what was unsaid (u-cover records)
realization at dusk *wandering toward what was unsaid (u-cover records)
melting reminiscence *melting reminiscence (waterscape records)
yukidaruma *melting reminiscence (waterscape records)
fleeting reference *we left the window open sometimes (symbolic interaction)
nullity and rumination *we left the window open sometimes (symbolic interaction)
sothis *split with david tagg (install)

2009-2010 / hakobune
mats of dead grass *a yearlong thought (install)
late autumn *isohel (hibernate recordings)
a yearlong thought *a yearlong thought (install)
late spring *isohel (hibernate recordings)
a thousand delicate accidents *split with richard lainhart (tobira records)
fading recognition *a yearlong thought (install)

2011 / hakobune
i discover i'm missing *i discover i'm missing (apollolaan recordings)
halfpace *words left behind on ashes (cassauna)
secondhand sunlight *shadows on the lawn (organic industries)
disappearing in the purple shades *i discover i'm missing (apollolaan recordings)
away from the lunar waters *away from the lunar waters (hibernate recordings)
afterglow *truth serum compilation (i, absentee)
shadow on the lawn *shadow on the lawn (organic industries)
between equinox *i discover i'm missing (apollolaan recordings)
the idea of full disclosure *words left behind on ashes (cassauna)
unending route *heath grass (still sleep)
off in the distance *november light (bridgetown records)

2012 winter / hakobune
sakubaku *recalling your ghostly thoughts (full of nothing)
all the other hearts i knew part 1 *all the other hearts i knew (rural colours)
aerodrome *apparitions just outside the view (ginjoha)
a distant loss part 1 *a distant loss (dark era tapes)
all the other hearts i knew part 2 *all the other hearts i knew (rural colours)
cloak of gray *cloak of gray (fadeaway tapes)
moon-drawn 2 *apparitions just outside the view (ginjoha)
white night *while shadows sweep across the lawn (somehow recordings)

2012-2013 / hakobune
mizunara *looping around the forest i thought i remembered (constellation tatsu)
whispering in their presence *whispering In Their Presence (sunshine ltd.)
part 3 *nebulous sequences (voxxov records)
recalling my insubstantial thoughts *recalling my insubstantial thoughts (tobira records)
letter forgotten *the cowboy across the river (constellation tatsu)
until you wake up in the morning *the still life of reverie (fabrica records)
This Wasn't What I Thought *the cowboy across the river (constellation tatsu)
kusunoki *looping around the forest i thought i remembered (constellation tatsu)
part 10 *nebulous sequences (voxxov records)

2014-2015 / hakobune
rapids *love knows where (constellation tatsu)
a fluid photograph part 2 *a fluid photograph (fallow records)
all my regret for nothing remembered part 1 *all my regret for nothing remembered (warm drone label)
sinking stars part 1 *sinking stars (beer on the rug)
nagasaki *mizukagami (sacred phrases)
all my regret for nothing remembered part 2 *all my regret for nothing remembered (warm drone label)
sinking stars part 4 *sinking stars (beer on the rug)
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『Brian Eno/Reflection』



〈Warp Records〉からBrian Enoの2017年作品。


1. "Reflection"
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